Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Civil Discourse?

I was driving home from work today (in rush hour traffic), and a couple pulled up beside me and honked loudly and repeatedly. I was on the phone (using my headset - don't give me grief!) and trying to drive, and also peering through my window and theirs to read the sign/note they were holding up (I thought there might be something wrong with my car), and damn near had an accident in the process.

Finally I realized that they were holding up a (particularly insulting) Anti-Democrats bumpersticker (I couldn't tell you the exact wording, since I was, you know, trying to drive, but it was something about Democrats being stupid. Apparently they keep it in their car and whenever they see a car with lefty bumperstickers they pull this trick.

It would have served them right if I had hit them, although I'm glad I didn't mess up my car and inconvenience all the other people behind us who were trying to get home. So anyway, how about those Republicans and their civil discourse? It's a good thing they're not like us nasty, immoral Democrats, huh?


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