Saturday, June 24, 2006

Runs in the family. . .

Reported by Adam:

He and the kids were watching a tape of the Ultimate Avengers movie yesterday. At the beginning, there's a scene in which Captain America is leading a raid on a Nazi base. Just as the head Nazi was revealed as a shape-shifting monster, Drew (9) exclaimed, "Dad! Look! SPACE NAZIS! And they're reptoids!"


Franny (6): "Black Widow is TOUGH! I want to be her for Halloween!"

Drew: "Space Nazi reptoids - it doesn't get more evil than that!"

Franny: "George Bush is more evil than that. We voted for JOHN KERRY."

In non-political news, by way of avoiding the writing and research I ought to be doing, Fran and I did a major chunk of gardening this afternoon. We thorougly weeded and deadheaded the front beds and planted some sunflowers seeds and several plants that had been languishing in plastic pots on the front stoop for weeks (a lovely pink and orange lantana and a mint and a strawberry plant that the big kids brought back from GA). We also dug a small bed around the corner of the house in which to plant sweet peas, once they've soaked. Ordinarily, I wouldn't even try to plant seeds at this point in the summer, but it's been so damp and cool, I feel like they've got a fighting chance (and if they don't come to anything, no harm done). We've had rain almost every day for the past 2 weeks and everything is ridiculously green and fecund - not at all like our usual summers!

All this rain means the garden looks better than it ever has. Around the mailbox we've got masses of yellow and orange marigolds, with blue morning glories trailing up the post. And in the bed around the live oaks, we've got more marigolds (with the lantana behind them now),a small army of pink zinnias, a thriving pumpking vine with giant gold flowers, mint, basil, sage, rosemary and (a not entirely happy) lavender. Plus the odds and ends from the butteryfly garden mix that are just beginning to bloom. It's not exactly neat and orderly, but it's definitely colorful. . .

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Civil Discourse?

I was driving home from work today (in rush hour traffic), and a couple pulled up beside me and honked loudly and repeatedly. I was on the phone (using my headset - don't give me grief!) and trying to drive, and also peering through my window and theirs to read the sign/note they were holding up (I thought there might be something wrong with my car), and damn near had an accident in the process.

Finally I realized that they were holding up a (particularly insulting) Anti-Democrats bumpersticker (I couldn't tell you the exact wording, since I was, you know, trying to drive, but it was something about Democrats being stupid. Apparently they keep it in their car and whenever they see a car with lefty bumperstickers they pull this trick.

It would have served them right if I had hit them, although I'm glad I didn't mess up my car and inconvenience all the other people behind us who were trying to get home. So anyway, how about those Republicans and their civil discourse? It's a good thing they're not like us nasty, immoral Democrats, huh?