Friday, January 27, 2006

Sinking further into the mire

Torture, trafficking in women, holding prisoners indefinitely without trials, illegal spying on our own citizens. Still "proud to be an American"? Read this: "Documents Show Army Seized Wives As Tactic"

In one documented instance, a mother of 3 young children, including a nursing 6-month-old, was detained for 2 days. For those of you who've never nursed, if you have a nursing infant, your breasts need to be emptied regularly. If you don't have access to your baby (or a breast pump), the milk backs up rapidly, as the feedings that your body "expects" are missed, resulting in painful, swollen breasts, and a high risk of a very serious kind of infection called mastitis.

This woman was probably in extreme discomfort within 6 or 12 hours, and after a day, she was quite likely suffering from severe pain and on her way to a horrible case of mastitis. It is possible that after 2 days she might not ever have been able to nurse her child again, due to either complications from mastitis or her milk supply reducing to the point that it was no longer sufficient for her child (breastfeeding works on the supply and demand system - if your breasts aren't being emptied, your body stops making milk). Relactation is possible, but for some women it is difficult.

And let's not forget that her children were left without their mother. Depending on the baby's temperament, it may have been difficult for whoever was caring for her/him to get the baby to eat while the mother was gone. The baby would have been confused and hungry , and the mother would have been aware of this and would have been constantly reminded of it by the pain in her breasts. Even if this woman was incarcerated in relative comfort, given enough to eat, etc., she was being subjected to excruciating torture, and one that possibly had long term consequences for both her and her child.

The deputy commander described the situation thusly, "These ladies fought back extremely hard during the original detention. They have shown indications of deceit and misinformation."

Yeah, it's clearly a sign of "deceit" when a mother vehemently protests being separated from her nursing infant.

Every time I think my country can't disappoint me any more, it somehow manages to sink a little lower. . .