Friday, October 21, 2005

Appliance Suicide and Other Oddities

I think my microwave (a late 70's built in model) is dead - I just tried to heat up a leftover quesadilla and, while it came on as normal, the usual whrrrr sound it makes was much louder, and almost immediately I started smelling an ozone-y burning smell. So I turned it off, and sure enough the quesadilla was still stone cold. I guess it's a good thing I only ever use it for heating up leftovers and melting chocolate, huh?

Thank god Alec is down for his nap, because he's been a holy terror all morning. There are no words for how tired I am of his new trick of taking his diaper off. . .Also, I could have done without the roaring in the grocery store (which could only be quieted by me singing Mary Had a Little Lamb over and over again - I'm not sure whether the roaring or the singing was more annoying to our fellow shoppers - at least I tried to keep it down.


Kids Say the Silliest Things

1. Drew on the way home from school recently: "Mom could you talk to dad about you being the substitute dungeon master for our D&D game? Then Franny and I could play D&D even when he's at work. (Yes, Adam has the older kids doing RPGs now. Drew's character is a dwarf called Drew the Destroyer and Fran's character is a wizard just out of wizarding school called Gandalf - she's really into LotR right now.)

2. Franny before the bed a few nights ago: "Mom, I want to read to Alec before bed. You get him jammified and I'll pick out a story." (Yes, my children think that "to jammify" [meaning, of course, to put pajamas on someone] is a legitimate verb. Someday someone is going to mock them soundly for it, I'm afraid.)


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