Monday, September 12, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

I've been collecting links for a while and this is a general omnibus of good information on what happened and how you can help. . .

Ways to help

Adam posted a pretty comprehensive list of reputable charities

A few additional ones I like:

Modest Needs (an organization that provides help to the working poor/those who make too much to qualify for other aid but who experience short term financial emergencies)

SHARE (Secular Humanist aid organization - great for folks who don't want to support religious charities)

Project Backpack and Kids of Katrina - both are collecting school supplies for displaced kids

If you're at your computer a lot you can enter information in a single database of missing people

Can't donate money? Check the Red Cross guidelines to see if you can donate blood. Then find a blood drive in your area.

There's apparently a desperate need for plus-sized women's clothing in the shelters (especially bras and underwear). If you don't have any to donate, you might consider ordering some from somewhere like or and have it shipped to the appropriate address. Your donations of new or gently used clothing can be sent to:

Helping Hands for Texas
c/o Alamo Premier Mortgage Group
10223 281 Freeway, Suite 200
San Antonio 78216


Salvation Army
5302 Harry Hines
Dallas Texas 75235

Commentary and News

Adam's also made some fabulous posts about the situation on the Gulf Coast and the government's slow response. I particularly liked this succinct list of ways folks from the GOP have put their foots in their mouths

A transcript of the infamous (and profoundly infuriating) interview with Aaron Broussard, President of Jefferson Parish

Ask Not for Whom the Bell Tolls. It Tolls for "Occupant."

Making Light has been an invaluable resource. This post on Why the Red Cross wasn't in New Orleans explains a lot about the way FEMA approached this disaster and why things went so tragically wrong.

Disjointed thoughts on the socio-economics of disaster and a couple of follow-ups: The first day of the rest of your life, and Stereotypes, Generalizations, and the Great Divide: More Disjointed Thoughts

A neat article about Park Service employees rescuing historical artifacts in New Orlean's museums


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