Monday, August 15, 2005

Waldman on AP

Ayelet Waldman tells (Attachment) parents to Mind your own kids. Waldman must have been missing the hate mail. . .

Honestly, although (like Waldman) I lean more towards the AP end of the parenting spectrum, I agree with her: we all have to make our own choices, based on what's best for our families, and (barring true abuse or neglect) everyone else should just keep their noses out of it. I've also been the recipient of condescending proselytizing from hardcore Attachment Parents, but I suspect that missionary zeal has more to do with being deeply invested in a particular parenting philosopy than AP per se. Because I've also gotten the hardsell from the Baby Wise people (who are truly scary, if you ask me), and they're on the opposite end of the spectrum.


At 7:39 AM, Anonymous Julia said...

Re Baby Wise:

I didn't do the attachment thing quite as much as you did (and it gets more complicated with twins), but that's a much, much healthier philosophy, IMO.


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