Wednesday, August 17, 2005

In which the Lipscombs are bookish

My August column is out - about growing up bookish. . .

Due in part to extra prep the night before (I am learning), the first day of school went very smoothly. Everyone got up, got dressed, and ate breakfast with a minimum of fuss. We only left about 5 minutes late and made it about 5 minutes before the tardy bell (so 20 minutes or so of walking). Got Franny settled, dropped by and met Drew's teacher (argh, all these teachers are so young, I feel like I should be hobbling around with a cane), and walked home - total trip, including wandering around looking for older son's class, took 50 minutes. On a regular day, I can probably shave 10 minutes off that, so I can say with certainty that walking won't take any longer than driving, parking, etc. Walking in the morning definitely is energizing (although it will be better when the humidity isn't 100% [note: not an exageration, that was the humidity at 7:00 am, according to the weather site]).

When I picked the kids up, Drew was pretty quiet about his day, but I noticed that most of the girls in his class made a point of saying goodbye to him. Possibly it's the beginning of the boy/girl stuff (EEP!), but mostly I just hope he has a better year this year, and makes some good friends. Franny said, "Mom, we have to make sure we leave early tomorrow and get to school on time. I don't want to miss anything!"

At bedtime, husband read Alec his bedtime stories using the "Great Writers" finger puppets: Leo Tolstoy (as voiced by Anastasia!Yul Brynner), William Shakespeare (as voiced by Ian McKellan [with a brief foray into Sean Connery]), Virginia Woolf (as voiced by Dame Edna), and Charles Dickens (as voiced by The Limey!Terrence Stamp).

Shakespeare did a sort of medley of bits from the most memorable soliloquies, Dickens announced that he was the world's most famous Limey, and then Woolf and Tolstoy declared their forbidden love for one another. Oh, and Woolf and Tolstoy recited Dinosaur Roar and Peekaboo!.

At our house, we make our own fun. . .


At 1:35 PM, Blogger Hayden Childs said...

Excellent column, as usual.

Did you know that Marion Winik's husband was my primary philosophy professor at the U of AL (that was a couple of universities ago for him, I believe).

At 5:55 PM, Blogger Melissa said...

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I didn't know that about Winik's husband. . .Interesting factoid!


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