Tuesday, August 09, 2005

In Austin, *everybody's* in a band. . .

My car is still in the shop, awaiting a new alternator, so I spent several hours in the car today, driving Adam to and from work (so that I'd have use of his car while he was gone). My chatty daughter loves it when this happens, because we're a captive audience for her monologues.

This afternoon, she got on a kick about how she was going to start a band called Vampires Rock. Their first song is going to be called (appropriately enough) "Vampires Rock," (I could hum a few bars of it, if you like - she sang us long sections of it). The B side will be "Creatures of the Night." And they're going to wear vampire makeup (she's a junior Goth - who knew?).

The entire time we were in the car, she rambled on about this, frequently asking me and Drew if we wanted to be in the band. Drew was trying to read his book, and clearly annoyed by the whole thing. She'd ask, "Do you want to play guitar?" and he'd answer, curtly, "No," and go back to his book. A few minutes later, she'd say, "Do you want to play drums?" and again he'd answer, "No."

Finally, after exhausting almost all the musical instruments, she said again, "Do you want to play guitar?" He put his book down and very seriously asked, "Franny, have you considered a solo career?"

It's a good thing I was pulling into our driveway at this point - otherwise I think I might've run off the road. . .


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