Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I go out walking. . .

In my continued fight against my sedentary lifestyle, after dinner, Fran and I walked to the store to get a loaf of bread. It was slower going at a 5 year old's pace, but it gave us some much needed one on one time.

Franny is starting to live in a "named world." She's moved beyond general categories (flower, bird, tree) into more specific labels - she recognizes the more common plants we see and can name them (she can identify rosemary and honeysuckle by scent), as well as some of the birds. We saw 2 birds that we didn't recognize on the power lines above the (full) drainage ditch. They were sort of waterbird looking: dark feathers with long legs, shortish necks, curved bills, and a white slash across each cheek. When we got home, we looked in the bird book and failed utterly at identifying them (not a surprise - I'm the world's worst birder). I'm not sure I understand how the ecosystem of the drainage ditch works - we've occasionally seen blue herons as well as turtles and frogs - but it's only really wet for a day or two after a hard rain. Most of the time it's just a grassy ditch.

On the way back we saw 2 toads, and heard crickets and frogs and the drum corps practicing, and talked about lunar phases, and The Lord of the Rings (which is the new bedtime chapter book as of tonight - I gave her a little preview of the plot), and why it's not really safe to cut through the park after dark. It's hard to know how to make her aware of being safe without scaring her - I chose not to belabor the point, but just planted the seed that it's smart to think about the risks, and look for ways to be safe, but that you shouldn't let fear rule you.

And now we've read the Hobbity bit of the prologue to The Fellowship of the Ring, and all the kids are asleep. And my feet are sore. . .


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