Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Friday Five, On Tuesday

Laura asked:

What are your five most popular (or common, rather) home cures, Granny's Recipes or magic tricks even for curing or preventing any old disease?

1. Hot Salt Water - swished around in my mouth for canker sores, gargled for a sore throat. The trick is to get the water as hot as you can stand it, and very salty. I don't know if it actually cures anything, but it feels damn good when you stop, and everything's relative, right?

2. Lemon Tea with lots of honey - Essential for sore throats.

3. Cepacol cherry lozenges - another important part of the sore throat cure. Much, much better than the mentholated ones, which are Evil.

4. Mega-doses of vitamin C - My one effort at prevention.

5. Hot steamy bath - clears the sinuses and makes everything better. I like to add lavender scented something to mine, to help me sleep.

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