Friday, November 21, 2003



They voted Rupert off! I can't believe it. I'm still going to watch, but now my motivation is to see how badly those lying jerks can be humiliated. I do hope that the "girls alliance" gets off the ground. Anyone who would trust Burton or Jon is an idiot. I'd love to see Christa or Sandra win it all, even though Sandra stupidly voted for Jon (what was she thinking? Even if Lil hadn't voted for Rupert, he still would have been voted off thanks to Sandra's inability to control her totally understandable Jon-hate.) Really, at this point, I think I'd like to see Christa win. If not her then Sandra, Tijuana and Darrah, in that order.

Why did they do two immunity challenges in a row where the tribe basically got to pick who got immunity? This one had more of a skill element, as well as the possibility of inadvertently hitting a friend's target (as Sandra discovered), but it was still the same basic premise. I prefer more clear cut challenges where the survivor who performs the best wins immunity.

Did you see the dirty looks Christa and Rhyno exchanged during the tribal council? I'm dying to know what went on between them - clearly it was something significant, and I'm surprised that we didn't get to see it. Rhyno looked a million times better with his beard. All cleaned up, he's nothing special. It's funny, I think this time the survivors are looking better the longer they're away from civilization. All those guys look much better with beards and the wild, savage look seems to suit all of them. Sandra in particular is just gorgeous now, where she seemed very plain at the beginning.

I think Lil is probably a very nice person, but she's also a big ol' whiner. I'm completely over her angst about the backstabbing and lying that are necessary to play the game. Did she watch the show before she applied to be on it? Didn't she know it would be like this? Either try to play by your personal code (something I think Rupert was trying to do) or play to win, but either way quit whining!

It's about to get bad at the Balboa camp. Burton is convinced he can take on Rupert's "provider" role, but he's given no indication that that's true. And it looks like the only ones doing any work are Sandra and Christa. People are going to start to drop the pounds in a major way.


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