Friday, November 14, 2003



Every time I think Jon couldn't get more obnoxious, he does. On the other hand, Jeff Probst clearly dislikes him every bit as much as the rest of us do, and he can't even be bothered to try and hide it, so there's that. What was the line last night? "And another challenge Jon can't finish." Hee! Of course, nothing will ever be as funny as "Are you loaded?" delivered in that disbelieving, contemptuous voice.

My man Rupert continues to do well. Is there any challenge he hasn't excelled at? It just goes to show that competence is sexy, because Rupert is not what you'd call conventionally handsome, but he's gotten much cuter to me as the show's gone on. Giving the breakfast to Burton, and urging him to take Lil was awfully nice of him. Of course, it may have also been incredibly naive, since Burton spent the entire time convincing Lil to vote with him against Rupert and his alliance.

What was that bizarro challenge with the pirate trivia and the coconuts? So, basically, answering the questions right gave you the privilege of choosing who you didn't want to have immunity?

The editing in this episode was crummy. I realize that they always mislead us, because they want the results of the vote to come as a surprise, but usually after you see the voting you can figure out why people voted the way they did. Rhyno getting voted off wasn't really a suprise, the fact that it was unanimous was shocking. First of all, I think they must have edited to make Rhyno look like a nice kid, and carefully omitted some interactions, because it seemed to me that there was some vehemence in the voting that we wasn't adequately explained (e.g. he and Christa obviously had some bad blood between them, but we never really saw why that was). Second, all the discussion of voting that we saw last night made it look like Rupert was going to be a target, but he won immunity in a game where the other players pretty much decided who got it. If everyone was really out to get him, then they would have loaded him up with coconuts so that they could vote him out. Unless they didn't want to be that obvious about it, because of the jury? Nah, I don't buy that any of these players are thinking that far ahead.

I hope that some of this is explained in the next episode. All I can figure is that now there's a girl's alliance (Sandra, Christa, Tijuana, and Darrah), a former Drakes alliance (Rupert and Jon) and an Outcasts alliance (Burton and Lil) and Rhyno didn't get in good with anyone, so it was easy for everyone to agree to gang up and vote him out, instead of angering one of the other alliances. On the other hand, it's possibly that Sandra and Christa are playing the Morgan girls.

I'm still pulling for Rupert, but I think it would by hysterical if the girl's alliance voted all the guys off and all the finalists were women. And if Burton or Lil won it would be cool. Really anybody but Jon will be ok. If Jon wins I will lose all my faith in humanity.


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