Thursday, November 13, 2003

Random Thoughts About Angel 5.7

Spoilers for those who aren't caught up in the ME timeline! Avert your eyes, Will and Merideth!

After my mild grousing yesterday? I loved this episode. Of course, I love Wesley so much that I'm bound to enjoy any episode that focuses on him. Alexis Denisof gave a really wonderful, subtle performance. It's amazing to think about what the writers have done with that character through the years, and as unlikely as it seems, he's made the character's arc totally believable. This season he's playing a very interesting mix of the pre-Connor Angel-worshiping!Wes, and the bad-ass!Wes that we saw last season. Of all the actors, he's doing the best job of communicating the ramifications of the season 4 ender in his performance.

I'm feeling very confused about what, exactly, everyone remembers. Wesley appears not to remember any estrangement from Angel, but he does remember dating Lilah and having to chop her up. Do Fred and Gunn remember dating? How does Wes explain his bad assness, if he doesn't remember being banished from the fold? So far this season, I've felt slightly disconnected from the characters (less so this episode) and I think part of it is this feeling that I don't know exactly what's happening with their character arcs, since I don't know what they remember from the previous couple of seasons.

Loved the continuity with Wesley and his daddy issues (what is it with Whedon and fathers?). In fact, all the continuity was nice. (Spike's oh so casual comment about people having sex with robots? Bwah!) Totally adored the opening sequence with JohnWoo!Wes. I want an icon of him flying through the air, both guns blazing, that says, "Thanks Wes, I'd love a gun."

I know lots of people hate Fred, but I've always liked the character. Sure, she's a bit of a Mary Sue, but so was Willow, back in the day - they're characters I can identify with (geek girls) and they work well as entry points into the universe. I think Xander served this function a bit as well. Anyway, I like the incipient love triangle between Wesley, Fred, and Knox. I'm so convinced that Knox is evil. Also, I totally hate his new haircut - he was cute before, and now he's, just, not.

Not liking the continued use of Spike as comic relief. I didn't like that Wesley didn't really kill his dad - that felt like a cop-out, although, on the other hand, it did give us that nice moment at the end, with the phone call. I've been defending Eve, but she annoyed me last night in her total uselessness (other than being the exposition queen, since the WB has apparently banned "Previously On"s as smacking too much of the serialized arc format they're trying to get away from).

Still squeeing over the previews. Juliet Landau! Fanged Four backstory! Something emotional and real happening with Spike! Can't wait 'til next Wednesday. I think I can safely say that I'm hooked again.


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