Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Grab Bag

A little bit of this and that:

Al Gore's speech in response to the limits Bush has placed on civil liberties. A very articulate, well-reasoned, and terrifying presentation.

Check out this very cool new on-line literary magazine, Literary Mama, it reminds me of the old Salon section "Mothers Who Think," in that it's ostensibly for / about mothers, but it's actual appeal will extend far beyond that group. Also, it's a really beautifully designed site.

Go out and buy the new Bitch magazine - several great articles about families, and an interview with homegirl made good, Pamela Ribon, author of the very funny, Why Girls Are Weird. While you're at the newstand, you should also buy this month's Brain Child, which is my new addiction. A parenting magazine for people who think! In fact, it's pretty much the print equivalent to "Mothers Who Think."


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