Friday, November 14, 2003

Friday Five

Adrienne's Question:
Lately, I've been thinking about food. It's something I think about a lot, granted, but this is more about food and place. For me, these conenctions are intense and evocative. The question: if you could travel back to any place you've lived (or, in a pinch, visited) and have just one meal in each location that reminded you of the time you spent there, what would your top five stops and dishes be?

1. Birmingham, AL - Ribs at Dreamland. I no longer eat mammals, but this is just a fantasy right? So, pork ribs, white bread and iced tea. Damn, I swear I could smell the bbq sauce just then. Evocative you say? Alternately, bbq chicken, onion rings, iced tea, and a big slab of chocolate pie at Johnny Ray's.

2. Taiwan - Sweet and Sour Pork and rice. I don't actually remember the time we lived in Taiwan (we moved back to the states when I was 2), but my mom learned to make sweet and sour pork there from our maid / nanny, and we ate it all the time growing up. Whenever it was served we always talked about my parents' memories of Taiwan (a place I'd love to return to). Please don't confuse this sublime dish with the gunky, neon orange stuff served in Chinese restaurants - it's an altogether different thing. (Oh, and what I said before about fantasy food.)

3. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Alaskan King Crab legs. In Edmonton we had access to very fresh seafood, and we ate it with amazing regularity. Prior to that we'd lived in Abilene, TX, so this was quite a change. Alternately the winter food my mom made us after we'd been playing in the snow - hot cocoa, grilled cheese sandwiches with slices of Kraft singles, and Campbell's canned chicken and noodle soup.

4. The Cotswolds - Tetley's Tea and shortbread. Yeah, I ate lots of wonderful food in England (despite the stereotypes about British food), but the thing that I most associate with England is plain old tetley's tea and a shortbread "biscuit" as provided by the sweet lady who ran the B&B we stayed in.

5. The Florida Gulf Coast - Fried shrimp at Captain Anderson's seafood restaurant. When I was in high school, my parents took us to Destin at least once a year for a family vacation. Usually, we went at Spring Break and again later in the summer. And we always ate at least one meal at Captain Anderson's (one of those silly looking boat shaped restaurants, but when the seafood is this fresh, who cares?).

Honorable mention: a frozen Zero bar from the snack bar at the base pool in Little Rock, AR - I think I ate one every day, all summer long, from the time I was nine until I was 13.

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