Thursday, November 20, 2003

Angel 5.8


I'm so glad I wasn't spoiled for this. I can't believe they brought Lindsey back! And he's in cahoots with Eve. Wow.

Not nearly enough of the flashbacks. If they're going to bring back Juliet Landau, I want to see her do more than play beard for Angel and Spike.

The present day plot was dopey. Did anybody not get that Angel and Spike were being set up? Angel's whole "are you sure you know what you're getting into" speech, with all the "clever" references to what Spike's already been through, was seriously anvil-y. Dude, I get it - the cup is a big metaphor for the soul. Give it a rest already.

I missed Wesley (apparently Denisof was on his honeymoon with Allyson Hannigan when this was filmed). Did Fred seem a bit jealous of Spike and Harmony, or was it just me? I can't get enough of Harmony calling Spike Blondie Bear - that joke never gets old. "Fritz-berg" tee-hee!

Overall, not bad, but not as good as last week. Defintely looking forward to the next episode though.


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