Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Alec, the Baby of the World

As I write this, Alec is lying on a blanket next to me, staring up at the fan and cooing and laughing. On Sunday I saw a friend's baby who's 3 weeks old - the difference between that tiny newborn, and big, fat, alert Alec was astounding. Today's big news is that he's found his thumb, and it appears to make him very happy (for those keeping statistics, we had 1 child who sucked his middle two fingers, one who never sucked fingers, thumbs or pacifiers, and now one who looks to be a thumb sucker). Also, he's about this close to rolling over onto his tummy. He gets about 9/10's of the way there, but he hasn't figured out what to do with the arm that's underneath him. Once he gets that part, he's golden.

I hope to post some pictures soon, so everyone can appreciate the cuteness that is Alec.


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