Tuesday, November 04, 2003

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Crazy day. As I was about to walk out the door to pick up Fran from school, carrying Alec in my arms, I tripped over a shoe someone had left in the middle of the floor and took a bad fall. It was one of those terrifying slow motion tumbles where I kept jerking around, trying to keep from dropping Alec. In the end, he bumped his head a bit on the bottom step of the stairs. Head injuries freak me right out, so I called the doctor who agreed Alec ought to be checked over. I picked up Franny (20 minutes late), and then went on to the doctor. He said things looked pretty good but the bump was on the worst possible place on Alec's head, so we needed to do an x-ray to be sure. Back to the car, drove to the hospital, parked, walked to x-ray. About this time, I notice that I must have sprained my ankle in my fall - it's swollen and bruised looking and so sore I can barely walk on it. We walked back to the car, drove back to the doctor's office, parked, etc. Great news from the doctor - the x-ray showed no fractures or problems at all. Most likely there's no problem, but we need to do the concussion drill tonight, just in case.

I should have known Alec was fine, because other than some tears right after the fall, he's been his usual sunny self all day. *And* tonight, for the first time, he really laughed. He's become much more social in the past few weeks - smiling and cooing like crazy, but tonight we discovered that his ribs are very ticklish - tickling him elicits a cute little giggle, and a zerbert warrants a full on belly laugh. It's just about the cutest thing *ever*.


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