Friday, October 31, 2003


Sorry for my recent absence (and thanks to those who sent very kind emails). My grandfather died last week. The funeral was over the weekend, in East Texas, and between getting ready, the weekend itself, recovering from the weekend away from home, and, oh yeah, sick kids, I haven't had much blogging time. I really want to write about my grandfather, who was a truly wonderful man, but I think I need to mull it over and be sad for a while.

I've also been using most of my writing time to work on my short story, which is now approaching novella length (with about 1/3 of the story to go). This is the first fiction project that I've come close to finishing and feeling good about, ever. So, hurray for me.

My goal for the weekend is to catch up on my life and get back into my usual routines, so I hope I'll be blogging more regularly again.


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