Friday, October 31, 2003

Friday Five

Craig's topic:

"The biggest advantage to being a teacher is the time off in the summer. Yeah, the annual salary isn’t the best, but I get two friggin’ months off a year! Not to mention two weeks for Christmas, a week for Thanksgiving, Spring Break, and other assorted days off.

If you were paid for two months of not going to work, what are five things you would do with your time off?"

1. Go to Europe. Take my kids to museums and castles and plays. Eat English icecream and drink French wine.
2. Sail. Hang out on deserted Caribbean islands. Drink a lot of rum.
3. Go to the beach with my kids (please note this is distinct from #2, which would be a decidedly adults only adventure). Rent a beach house in Perdido Key. Build sand castles. Eat really fresh seafood at tacky ship themed restaurants.
4. Write. Lock myself in my office and write nonstop for hours and hours. Stop to go to the bookstore and buy books for research. Read said books. Write some more.
5. Catch up on my movie and tv watching. Lounge on the couch in my pj's. Eat popcorn. Watch everything I've missed since approximately 1980.

Other participants listed on the sidebar.

Notice how travel dominated all the lists? People who have time and money and don't travel are suckers. That's all there is to it.


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