Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Formula feeding guilt, or the lack thereof

Interesting article from Dr. Jack Newman about why formula feeding gets a pass from doctors and healthcare professionals, who are usually very quick to guilt trip mothers for real or perceived parenting inadequacies, like smoking during pregnancy or co-sleeping.

Newman has some very good points about how much the formula companies have invested in the idea that formula is almost, really pretty-much-the-same-as breastmilk. And he is absolutely correct that healthcare professionals, no matter how well meaning, often give bad advice that makes it harder for women to continue nursing.

I found this link at Loco Parentis.

Obligatory disclaimer: I realize there are many women who can't breastfeed their children for various reasons and it is not my intention to make them feel guilty. However, it's important to realize that this blindspot on the part of healthcare professionals contributes to the problem.


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