Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Bar Baby Update

I got an email from the owner of Casino el Camino yesterday, asking me to call him so he could apologize for the incident on Friday night. When we talked on the phone he was very apologetic and explained that it was the waitress' last day, so she no longer works there. The bartender had already let him know about what had happened on Friday night, and he was glad to hear from me so he could make things right. He also said it's not anything unusual for children to be there at that time of day - their policy is that underage children are allowed until 8, when things usually get louder and rowdier. He even offered to comp my next meal at Casino el Camino, proving that he's a real mensch.

So, to recap: the burgers and sandwiches at Casino el Camino are fabulous, the bitchy waitress no longer works there, the owner and the rest of the staff seem like great folks, and you can go there with your kids until 8. Go have a beer and a burger! (And after that stick around for the show at Esther's - they're getting all kinds of good material out of this session of the lege.)


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