Wednesday, September 17, 2003

It Stinks

Literally. Our house, that is. We've got one child in diapers and one still learning to use the potty. One dog who wets herself if she doesn't get her medicine and one cat who pees on anything that's left on the floor. One breastfeeding mother who leaks milk everywhere and one nursing infant who spits up milk on a regular basis. Not to mention (but of course I will) the rats who regularly die in our walls and the food the older kids spill or pour out. No matter how hard we try to keep things clean (and with a new baby in the house, I confess we haven't been very successful in that department), it seems like there's always a vague miasma of bodily fluid related odors lingering around our house. As an added bonus, everything stays sticky. The next house we live in is going to be designed like a bathroom - all tile and chrome with no soft surfaces anywhere and a giant drain in the floor of every room.


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