Friday, September 19, 2003

Friday Five

(In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day): What be yer favorite ports o' call? Where would ye want to hoist a mug'o'rum, were ye given a large pile 'o' booty to finance yer stay?
Topic commandeered from Cap'n Black Sam Flint.

1. London - As Samuel Johnson said,"Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."
2. Paris- A beautiful city with wonderful food. Not to mention the Louvre.
3. New Orleans - Arguably the most European of all American cities. Despite attempts to Disney-fy New Orleans and make it more family friendly, it's still tawdry and disreputable. And the Cafe du Monde is the best place to eat breakfast (or a midnight snack) in the world.
4. Perdido Key, FL - It's like living in a Jimmy Buffet song - white sandy beaches for day and the Florabama for night. What more do you need out of life?
5. The Cotswolds - The storybook countryside part of England. It really is every bit as beautiful as the pictures. By English standards it's a bit touristy, but nothing compared to American tourist destinations.

Other scurvy dogs who've gone on the account: Captain William Bonney, Dirty Davy Kidd, Iron Charity Bonney, Colleen, Chris, Craig, and Dirty Anne Flint.

My apologies to my excellent first mate for refusin' to do the entire list in pirate lingo, but the wild monkeys've kept me runnin' this mornin', savvy?

- Captain Bess Read ("Even though there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you're the one in charge. Even through many pirates have a reputation for not being the brightest souls on earth, you defy the stereotypes. You've got taste and education. Arr!")

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