Friday, August 08, 2003

What's Up With Me

Apologies for not posting much actual content around here lately. I've been using most of my writing time to:
1. Finish my last paper from the class I took last semester (I took an incomplete and promised the professor the three papers I owed her before the end of the summer). I turned it in today and it's a load off of my back to know that I've finished the requirements for the class. I'm not entirely satisfied with this last paper - it was kind of thrown together and it shows (especially the conclusion), but it's done.
2. Work on a short story that will not be finished before the baby comes, but at least is now officially short story length (over 2,000 words). I wanted to get down all the details that are currently in my head before I took what will probably be at least a 2 week break from writing.

Nonwriting activities that have been taking up writing time:
1. Spending last minute quality time with my kiddos before the new baby comes. I know they're going to get the short end of the attention stick for the next few weeks and I wanted to make up for it (at least a little bit) now. Or this was the goal anyway. Unfortunately, I don't feel like going out anywhere, and they're sick of staying in, so our "quality time" has mostly consisted of squabbling and time outs. Oh well, it was a good thought.
2. Last minute baby prep. Special thanks go to Merideth, who invited my children to spend the night tonight so that Adam and I could clean my house before my in-laws arrive tomorrow. Now if I can just keep the kids out of the house until tomorrow night, perhaps I can present Jane and Andy with the illusion that we don't live in squalor.
3. Being tired and whiny and generally difficult to live with. But in 3 more days I won't be pregnant anymore!


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