Saturday, August 02, 2003

Happy Birthday to Me

It's my 33rd birthday. I've celebrated by not getting any sleep last night and being tired and cranky. Also by eating lots of weird food (leftover pizza, watermelon, potato chips and French onion dip, and cookie dough), taking a nap, and dreaming about falling off the Mansfield Dam (when I have anxiety dreams, I don't do it half way). Oh, and having lots of contractions and trying to decide if I was about to go into labor or not.

My husband and children have marked the occasion by presenting me with a complete new set of all the the Lord Peter mysteries to replace my tattered and much loved copies from high school, and the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. Adam also made me pancakes for breakfast and skipped out on the film shoot this afternoon so that I could get more rest.

Tomorrow my parents and my brother are coming over and my mom's going to cook crab legs for dinner. My in-laws sent me a check, so I may go out in a bit and buy a few more books to read while I'm recuperating from my c-section. All in all, not a bad birthday, especially considering that we all kind of forgot about it (me included) until the last minute, because we've been so focused on the imminent arrival.


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