Saturday, August 09, 2003

Dawn on Nature vs. Nurture and Sexuality

In light of recent discussion in this blog (and others it links to), I found this post from Dawn to be particularly interesting. Quote: "The nice thing about "proving" that homosexuality is coded into our cells is that then people can't argue that since gay people "choose" to be gay, they don't deserve "special rights." I hate that argument; I hate it when people say that being gay is a lifestyle choice. But I also don't like the push to prove that being gay is some kind of physical anomaly and since the poor gay people can't help it, we really ought to make some allowances."

My personal opinion is that, like all nature vs. nurture questions, the answer of how our sexual preferences are formed is really complicated. It seems likely, based on the research that I've read, that there is some degree of innate tendency towards hetero or homosexuality, but obviously all of our sexual preferences (by which I mean kinks / fetishes / predilections including but not limited to gender of preferred partner) are also affected by environmental influences. There's some kind of interaction going on there, but it's far too complex to codify, and clearly it varies from person to person (which is how we end up with the Kinsey scale range of human sexuality, instead of being able to neatly divide everyone into two camps, and even the Kinsey scale is probably too simplistic). Ultimately, I agree with Dawn - it shouldn't matter. People love who they love, and (barring the usual caveat about consenting adults) it isn't anybody's business except the people involved.


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