Saturday, August 09, 2003


I find that I must offer Chris an apology, because he hasn't refused, but instead has been unable to add a comments feature. I fully believe his explanation, because he's been trying to add enetation (which I use here). Enetation is absolute crap and only works about half the time (most of the emails I get regarding my blog start, "I just wanted to let you know your comments feature doesn't work"). Possibly it works better if you pay for it, instead of using the free version, but I'm not about to pay for something that doesn't appear to work. So my advice to Chris is to find some other kind of comment thingy. I'd do the same, but I'm too damn lazy to go looking for a replacement. I suppose I should also take this opportunity to apologize to all those people who keep trying to comment here and are unable to - sorry 'bout that. . . .


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