Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Speaking of Comics. . .

I have a few recommendations, based on my recent reading:

1. Fables written by Bill Willingham. I just finished the first graphic novel, Legends in Exile and I was blown away. Fairy Tale characters living in exile in New York City. The Big Bad Wolf and Snow White investigate the mysterious disappearance of Snow White's sister, Rose Red. A bizarre, but charming, noir sensibility. Inventive and clever story telling and lush artwork. Highly recommended.

2. Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud. A detailed examination of the conventions of comics, in comic book form. Even the most committed comic geek will probably discover something new.

3. Blood and Water by Judd Winick. A compelling 5 issue miniseries which focuses on a dying man who's gifted with immortal youth when his best friends reveal that they are vampires. But have his friends made a terrible mistake? Only one issue left, but back issues are probably available at your local comic shop. A slightly different take on vampires, suspenseful and nicely drawn. My only caveat is that the story feels slightly rushed - it might have worked better as a longer series.

4. Planetary Batman: Night on Earth by Warren Ellis. Planetary. Batman. Crossover. Squee! Ok, I'll try to contain my enthusiasm. It's fabulous (but be warned, it's really a Planetary story in which Batman makes an appearance, he's definitely secondary to the Planetary team) You should go buy it Right Now. Best line: Elijah to Jakita, "You like him don't you? He's your special Bat-friend."

Other Comics you should be reading: Astro City, Rex Mundi, Girl Genius, and Fray.


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