Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Something's Gotta Give

Warning: Extremely childish and graphic late pregnancy whining. You may want to skip this entry.

I don't know if I can take another three weeks of pregnancy. I'm almost certain the people around me can't take another three weeks of me pregnant, hormonal, and grumpy. The last few weeks of pregnancy are generally unpleasant, but the summer heat is making it unbearable. Well, that and my body's determination to get all geared up for delivering this baby. I feel like I've got a bowling ball in my pelvis, slowly stretching all the joints and bones apart. Walking, or even just changing position, results in bone grating agony. This fun is punctuated with semi-regular contractions which culminate in spasming back pain. The irony is that none of this is necessary, since I'm having a c-section. I could just sit here pleasantly until the 11th of August, enjoying the baby kicking and finishing up my to-do list. Of course, my body didn't get the memo, and this time it's decided it might as well push the baby out. Oh yeah, we're having some fun now.

We have managed to get most of the really urgent stuff marked off the list, so I'm beginning to feel almost ready. I certainly wouldn't complain if things happened a little earlier than planned at this point.


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