Thursday, July 17, 2003

Is Dean the new McGovern?

Chris and a good many other commentators certainly think so. Democracy Dave and Will of the People post a brilliant rebuttal to this position. Gina has already attacked this argument after it was advanced in Salon.

The bottom line is that Dean, while he appeals to the far left due to his oppostion to the second Gulf War, is actually fairly moderate. I don't think I'm a far out lefty, and in many ways Dean is more conservative than I am, especially in his positions on gun control (the NRA has endorsed him, for goodness' sake - how liberal can he be?), and the death penalty. Dean has the potential to bring many former Naderites back to the Democratic camp, but I don't think he'll alienate very many of the centrist Democrats who voted for Gore. Let's not forget that Gore won the popular vote, without the support of the Greens. A candidate who drew both of those groups of voters would win by a clear majority in 2004.


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