Friday, July 11, 2003

Friday Five

Five Ways That You Are Turning Into Your Mom or Dad
topic suggested by Gina

1. Gaining weight in the exact same places my mother does, giving us the same basic body shape (when I'm not pregnant), although even when I'm not pregnant I'm quite a bit heavier than my mom was at my age.
2. Spending long summer afternoons at the pool with my kids. My childhood summers all reeked of chlorine. Unfortunately, my kids aren't yet independent enough that I can follow mom's example completely and lie in the sun reading a trashy biography while the kids swim.
3. Using "you're on my list" to indicate that someone in the family is in big trouble.
4. Dirty dishes in the sink drive me nuts.
5. Regularly threaten to throw away all the toys in my kids rooms if they don't pick them up (actually, this was more my dad's modus operandi).

Other participants: Adam, Merideth, Will, and Chris.


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