Friday, July 18, 2003

Friday Five

Five Historical or Fictional Characters You'd Like to Have Dinner With

1. Christopher Marlowe - The quintessential Renaissance man - actor, playwright, and spy. Not only would he be up on all the theatre gossip, but he could also fill me in on the intrigue from Elizabeth I's court.
2. Lord Peter Wimsey - Detecting hero of Dorothy Sayer's mysteries. Handsome, intelligent, witty and well-read. A long standing literary crush for me.
3. Aphra Behn - One of the earliest professional women writers. She led a notorious and exciting life as a spy, playwright and novelist in Restoration era England and Surinam.
4. Mary Shelley - Daughter of Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin, wife of Percy Shelley, author of Frankenstein and key Romantic figure. What I'd most like to do is insert myself into a dinner party during the infamous "haunted summer" of 1816 (and so get to dine with not only Mary Shelley, but also Percy Shelley, Byron, Claire Clairemont, and Dr. Polidori), but barring that, I'd love to have a good gossip with Shelley about her experiences with Percy Shelly and Byron. (Not those kinds of experiences! What kind of girl do you think I am?)
5. Oscar Wilde - Just because dinner with Wilde would have to be entertaining.

Honorable mentions: Sir Francis Lymond (from The Lymond Chronicles), Sherlock Holmes, King Mob or Ragged Robin (from The Invisibles), Dream from The Sandman, and Sir Richard Francis Burton.

Other participants: Adam, Merideth (although her's may be a little late, since she's out of pocket today, Will, Chris, and Gina.


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