Friday, July 25, 2003

Friday Five
5 Things That Make Me Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night In A Cold Sweat
Topic courtesy of Adam

1. Everyone will find out that I'm an imposter. The specifics vary, depending on what I'm stepping out on a limb to do, but it's the same feeling - "I'm not a real whatever, and when everyone finds out, they'll be terribly disappointed and mock me dreadfully.
2. I've done something to warp my children for life. Again, the details vary, but it's always the sense that by saying / not saying / doing / not doing something, I've ruined my children's lives.
3. Four more years of the Republicans running the country.
4. Money. Did I enter all my checks in Quicken? Did we pay the house payment? What if we have an emergency? How will we pay college tuition for three children?
5. The certainty that something I said or did was misinterpreted by someone and I've hurt his or her feelings. I don't mind someone feeling insulted when I intend to insult him or her, but I hate to do it inadvertently.

Other participants: Chris, and Gina. Presumably Will and Merideth will be posting their lists when they return from their exciting vacation to Disney next week.


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