Friday, July 04, 2003

Friday Five

The 5 belongings or habits that mark me as a member of my demographic:
(Topic suggested by Chris)

1. Minivan, complete with carseats, melted crayons, and half-eaten bags of goldfish
2. Suburban house in a good school district
3. 2.87* children (do children count as belongings or habits?)
4. Large dog
5. Husband employed in tech industry

*Based on remaining gestation period of #3

Other Friday Five participants: Gina, Adam, Merideth, Will, and Chris

If you're wondering why the religious right is losing the "culture wars," take a look at Gina's list compared to mine. Which demographic would you rather belong to? Of course many straights have clued in that you don't have to be gay to enjoy the perks of the "homosexual lifestyle,"* and this acknowledgement that it sounds like more fun than being another straight, white, suburban middle class drone has erased a good bit of the stigma associated with being homosexual.

*Apparently the trendy term here is metrosexual, although it usually only refers to men.


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