Friday, July 18, 2003

Bush Promotes Shotgun Weddings

It looks like Bush's proposal to spend $300 million to promote marriage for mothers on welfare will probably pass. Please note that this proposal requires the states to pony up $100 million of that figure (at a time when state budgets are being slashed and essential services are being cut right and left), and that there's no information whatsoever on how the money will be spent to promote marriage.

Presumably the government won't be paying for the divorces that result from women marrying someone who isn't a good match for them or who they don't know well. I'm all for marriage, but let's not fool ourselves that getting knocked up by someone is necessarily the beginning of a beautiful friendship marriage. Shotgun weddings are notorious for resulting in unhappy and short-lived marriages.

Hey, I have an idea for how the government could promote marriage - make it legal for all those loving gay and lesbian couples to get married! And it wouldn't cost the tax-payers a dime. . . .


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