Thursday, June 26, 2003

What Bush Knew and When He Knew It

CNN cautiously reports that components necessary to construct nuclear weapons have been discovered buried in an Iraqi scientist's garden. Although this does indicate that Saddam Hussein was hiding information from weapon's inspectors, it is important to remember that these components were from the pre-1991 weapons program and had never been unearthed during the time that sanctions were in place. Josh Marshall sums up why this find isn't the "smoking gun" the Bush administration has been promising us.

If weapons of mass destruction are found, will it matter whether Bush knew they were there or just took a lucky guess? Absolutely. Everyone knew that it was possible that Iraq was hiding nuclear and biological weapons. Bush stated it as a matter of fact, and used that "fact" (along with the even less substantiated suggestion that Iraq had links to Al Qaeda) to propel the US into a war in which we lacked the support of the international community. Intent counts - even if a lie unwittingly turns out to be true.


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