Saturday, June 28, 2003

Is Harry Queer?

Michael Bronski explores the gay subtext of the Harry Potter novels. Bronski's analysis is quite savvy, especially his argument that homosexual subtext aside, the books are certainly queer positive (in the larger sense of queer - unconventional, abnormal, nonconformist). "The Harry Potter books are a threat to normally accepted ideas about the social welfare and good mental health of American children. Not because they romanticize witchcraft and wizardry, but because they are deeply subversive in their unremitting attacks on the received wisdom that being "normal" is good, reasonable, or even healthy." Which might be why I love them so much. . . . (I found this link, along with several of the other Potter related links I've posted recently in the Bookslut Blog.)

Again, I'm reminded of Buffy, which has frequently used magic and the supernatural as metaphors for homosexuality (starting with Buffy's secret slayer identity, but explored in many other plot lines, especially Willow's wicca / lesbian identities in which the subtext became text.)


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