Thursday, June 19, 2003

Defenders of Marriage

A little song for those who are appalled by Canada's recent decision to grant marriage rights to all it's citizens, regardless of sexual orientation.

David Frum worries that as a result of gay marriage "The law will increasingly see couples as interchangeable 'parents'" and won't favor women over men in custody disputes. Like this is a bad thing? I'm all in favor of courts awarding custody to the best *parent* regardless of gender - if gay marriage makes this more likely, it's certainly a nice fringe benefit.

Homosexual marriages are here to stay in Canada and Holland. Great Britain will probably be the next country to expand marriage rights to all it's citizens. America's Defense of Marriage Act allows the US to refuse to acknowledge these marriages - a direct contradiction of international marriage law and precedent. Historically, nations honored one another's marriage contracts, whether or not those marriages would have been legal had they been performed in another country (for example if first cousins married in England, they would still be legally married in the United States, even if they lived in a state which outlaws marriages between first cousins.) Imagine the chaos that would ensue if marriages were only considered legal in the country in which they were performed. This is a far greater threat to the sanctity of marriage than allowing loving couples of the same sex to marry.

(Edited on 6/20 to add that I forgot to include Belgium in my list of countries where homosexuals can legally marry.)


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