Friday, May 02, 2003

Do You Have an Empathising or a Systemizing Brain?

This is an interesting article, despite it's sensationalist insistence on referring to the two brain types as "male" and "female." Yes, women tend to score higher on empathising and men tend to score higher on systemizing, but that doesn't mean that you can accurately predict what type of brain an individual has based on his or her sex. The author admits that you can have be a man and have a "female" brain and vice versa, so why use sexed terms at all? It's inaccurate and threatens to bury the important points raised by this research under a pile of outdated gender stereotypes. It also ignores the third brain type, balanced, which apparently is not strongly linked to sex.

Take the tests and then find your scores on the graph to see which brain type you have. I came out balanced but tending slightly more toward empathizing.


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