Saturday, May 03, 2003

Bad Baby Names II: Gothic Boogaloo

When Julie sent me this link (why, yes I do get all my good links from Julie), I initially thought it was a joke. After reading the site, I'm convinced it's for real (although the preponderance of posts from parents of twins and triplets leads me to believe that some of the posts aren't legit - are there really that many Goth parents of multiples?). Name That Goth is full of helpful suggestions for naming your Spawn of Satan. Unfortunately, it offers no help in paying his or her future therapy bills. . . .

A few of the most outrageous names:

"One of my best friends just had twin girls. She named them Wynter-Grace and Wisteria." (Winter seems to be a particularly popular choice for boys and girls.)

"Shattenjager (pronounced shawn yager) is German for "Shadow Hunter"; it is my son's name."

"I named my daughter Cleopatra (after my father, Cleon). Her full name is Cleopatra Napeta Gaea Blackthorn."

"I named my daughter Aesthetica (Aes for short)."


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