Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Good Things About Today:
1. Awoke to a chilly morning, as opposed to stiffling, damp-sponge humidity of the past week.
2. Pleasant smell of clean house and cinnamon toast, as opposed to the dead rodent smell which has been lingering for the past week.
3. New dishwasher installed and appears to be functioning fine.
4. Hours of entertainment provided for children by dishwasher box
5. Lusciously yummy peach for lunch.
6. Feeling much more in control of my life.

Ways in which I am successfully taking control of my life:
1. Steps taken to eliminate rodents from the premises.
2. Bees eliminated from the exterior wall.
3. Dishwasher replaced.
4. New, improved housecleaning routine implemented.
5. Closet cleaned out, clothes that don't fit boxed up until after pregnancy.
6. Children's Easter outfits purchased (unfortunately, this might be a draw, since the money spent on said outfits was definitely out of control).

Things which still need to be whipped into shape:
1. Haircuts for me and kids
2. Sandals and dress shoes for kids
3. Sandals or tennis shoes for me
4. Money situation
5. Creepy, junk filled garage
6. Painting downstairs and laying laminate flooring in living room
7. Project that's due today for work
8. Final paper for my class
9. Too many other things to mention, as it depresses the hell out of me


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