Thursday, April 03, 2003

Adam and I aren't really good at household maintenance. We have the best of intentions, but the day to day upkeep just gets away from us. Consequently, it seems that everything in our house has a work around - the chair we use to prop up the dishwasher door, the knob on the washing machine that has to be switched back and forth to compensate for the missing one, the vice grips which are necessary to turn on the outside faucet. . .you get the idea. Anyway, the dishwasher fell off it's last legs today, in a flood of scummy, soapy water. I actually have mixed emotions about this, since I've been fantasizing about a new dishwasher in terms only slighly less glowing than those I reserve for James Marsters. But shelling out $500 at Sear's isn't exactly my idea of a good time - I can think of many better uses for that kind of money (books, clothes that fit, books, cd's, books, etc.).

It didn't help that I returned to find my email box full of depressing news and commentary. To wit:

Oregon's senate is preparing to debate a bill that would jail protesters as terrorists. Because traffic flow is so much more important than freedom of speech. . . .

MSNBC has hired loudmouthed bigot Michael Savage to host a weekly show. Because right wing nuts need more encouragement, apparently.

Or not, as Neal Pollack points out, they seem to be doing just fine on their own right now. And he's right, the war is bringing out the worst in some liberals too (like the protester waving a sign that read, "I support our troops if they shoot their officers").

It's a Sick Sad World boys and girls. . . .


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