Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Day Late and Dollar Short Oscar Reactions

Adam would rather watch paint dry than the Academy Awards, so I waited to watch the ceremony with some friends who had been out of pocket on Sunday night. Here’s my reactions (exorbitant babysitting rates have prevented me from seeing most of the movies nominated, so I don't have much to say about the fairness, or lack there of, of the awards - just lots of shallow comments about the ceremony itself):

Adrien Brody is the Ballsiest Guy in the World. Not for slipping Halle Barry the tongue (although that took guts too), but for demanding more time on stage and getting it. His plea for peace was eloquent and classy and definitely the high point of the night.

Catharine Zeta-Jones - now there’s a woman who makes pregnancy look sexy (unfortunately, I bet she shaves her legs too). She looked absolutely gorgeous, and her genuine emotion at winning was very touching.

Apparently, Michael Moore wants John Ashcroft to hire assassins to take him out. I agreed with everything he said, and I was surprised at how quickly his standing ovation turned to boos and jeers – do all those liberal movie stars really love Bush that much? Or were they surprised that Michael Moore didn’t mince words?

Peter O’Toole – what a class act. They don’t make ‘em like that anymore. Can you name one young actor with his insouciant panache? I had an a-ha moment while they were showing the clips from his career - that’s who Lucifer (from The Sandman comics and the spinoff Lucifer) reminds me of – a young Peter O’Toole! And why oh why did Peter O’Toole never play Peter Wimsey? Talk about perfect casting. . . .

More Oscar fun, from the Fametracker web site: Oscar Edition Galaxy of Fame.


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