Thursday, March 27, 2003

Baby news: I had my sonogram yesterday and the baby is healthy and developing normally. Also, baby appears to be a boy, which surprised the pants off of me, because I was convinced that this one was another girl. Franny's been adamant that the baby was a girl (last week I asked her how she would feel if the baby was a boy, and she said, "we should exchange him for a baby girl."). The supercool inside baby pictures served to distract her though, and she didn't seem the least bit disappointed about the change in plans. Drew and Adam had guessed boy, and they're both insufferable right now. (Apparently, the obsessive need to be right is a family trait - who knew?)

Word buffs should check out The Online Etymology Dictionary - it looks like a great resource. Book lovers (and if you aren't one, I don't want to know about it) might find this review amusing - "I'm not talking here about bad books. Though they exist, books that are just plain and irredeemably awful are too sad to waste time thinking about. No: the books I'm presently pondering aren't necessarily bad -- though some of them are -- they're just so... well... dumb and unplaceable, it's difficult to imagine book store owners knowing what to do with them, let alone book buyers. If they manage to find them."


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