Friday, March 21, 2003

Apparently we haven't progressed much beyond "America - Love it or Leave it!" in the past 30 years. Salon reports that a pro-war protester in Mississippi was carrying a sign yesterday that read "Support the US or keep your mouth shut" (read the story about protests throughout the nation here). Is it too much to expect a little rhetorical sophistication from those who believe that anything our country does is a-ok, because, after all it's America? Nevermind. . . .

Here's a newsflash: stifling protest isn't actually a very democratic or American value. Neither is mindless acceptance of whatever ego driven crusade the president comes up with. Anti-war protesters aren't spitting on soldiers (something that rarely, if ever, happened during the Vietnam War, despite the urban legends you've heard). You can disagree with this war, and still support the men and women who have to fight it.


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